Destiny 2: Edge Transit Emerges as Top DPS Option

Destiny 2: Edge Transit Emerges as Top DPS Option

Talk about grenade launchers. They’ve been the underdogs, but not anymore. They’re now the top dogs in the endgame arsenal. And guess what? The Edge Transit is leading the pack. Here’s why you need to grab it, like, yesterday.

Here’s a breakdown of Edge Transit:

  • Type: Legendary Grenade Launcher
  • Damage: Void
  • Ammo: Heavy

Easy Loot, Big Boom

The Edge Transit is a breeze to farm. It’s part of the Into the Light Brave Arsenal loot pool. It’s got perks that’ll make you drool and it’s upgradable. Plus, it’s giving the old DPS champs a run for their money.

Candy Rain

This baby drops like crazy in the Onslaught playlists. Tune it at the Hollow Shacks in the Hall of Champions, and you’re golden. There’s even a quest from Asight for a curated roll that’s yours to take.

  • God Rolls: Depending on what activity you plan to use it for (PvE or PvP) there are different perk combinations that are considered the best (God Rolls). These perks can significantly impact the damage output and functionality of the weapon.
  • PvE (Player vs Environment): For PvE activities, perks like Quick Launch, Spike Grenades, Envious Assassin, and Bait and Switch are popular choices.
  • PvP (Player vs Player): In the Crucible (PvP), Impulse Amplifier, Spike Grenades, Frenzy, or Explosive Light are more desirable perks.
  • Current Status: While Edge Transit was sunset (no longer able to be infused to reach max power level) in Season 12, it can still be a fun weapon to use for lower-level activities.

The God Roll Hunt

It’s an adaptive frame void heavy grenade launcher that’s a must-have. It’s got all the perks you want: field prep, autoloading holster, frenzy, and explosive light. But the real deal is the Envious Assassin perk. It reloads your launcher to the brim, letting you fire away without a care.

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Max Damage, No Reload

Set it up with quick launch and spike grenades for max velocity and impact. Aim for a velocity masterwork to make it feel just right. And here’s the kicker: Bet and Switch. Pair it with Envious Assassin, and you’ll boost your damage by 30% for 10 seconds after hitting with all your weapons. That’s enough time to make a serious dent in any enemy.

Destiny 2: Edge Transit Ultimate God Roll

Enhance and Conquer

When the Final Shape drops, you can enhance these perks for even longer damage boosts. If you’re feeling lucky, try for Cascade Point in the third column for some serious DPS action.

Last words

This guide is all about making the Edge Transit your go-to grenade launcher. It’s a game-changer, and it’s time to leave those trial weapons in the dust. 

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