Destiny 2: Edge Transit Ultimate God Roll

Destiny 2: Edge Transit Emerges as Top DPS Option

We’re diving into the awesome power of the new Edge Transit grenade launcher. Even with Cascade Point out of the picture, this launcher is a beast with its Spike grenades, Envious Assassin, and Bait and Switch perks.

Here’s a breakdown of Edge Transit:

  • Type: Legendary Grenade Launcher
  • Damage: Void
  • Ammo: Heavy

The “Level 1 God Roll” Explained

This combo is what everyone’s been after. It’s the dream roll from the Season of the Witch and is still hot. With a velocity masterwork and a slick launch perk like Hard Launch, you’re set for some serious damage.

Why It’s a Must-Have

This roll was the envy of all for the Centre Frct, thanks to Bait and Switch for top-tier damage and Envious Assassin for non-stop DPS. But there’s more – the “Into the Light” drops have a shiny, limited-time version with dual perks, making it versatile.

The Shiny New Toy

While this Edge Transit isn’t the shiny special edition, remember you can snag Cascade Point for even more damage. So, keep your eyes peeled for that double perk goodness and get ready to dominate with this launcher.

The Grenade Launcher Game-Changer

Ultimate God Roll 

The Ultimate God Roll for grenade launchers. We’re talking about the Edge Transit, and it’s a game-changer.

Start Strong, Finish Stronger

Kick off your battle with the Envious Assassin perk to max out your magazine. When it’s crunch time, switch to Cascade Point for some serious damage. Sadly, Cascade Point is on a timeout right now, but fingers crossed it’ll be back in action soon.

The Dream Roll

Getting the perfect roll with Envious Assassin, Bait and Switch, Spike Grenades, a mag perk, a solid launch, and a masterwork is like finding a unicorn. It’s super rare, but if you do get a normal version with Spike, Envious, and Bait, you’re golden.

Practice Makes Perfect

This setup needs a bit of skill. You’ve got to nail those Izzy crits and time your grenades just right. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be dishing out damage like a pro.

Easy-Peasy Witherhoard Recluse Combo

Alright, let’s get into a combo that’s super easy and super effective: the Witherhoard Recluse rotation. It’s all about using a primary to trigger Bait and Switch, and with Witherhoard, it’s a no-brainer. Just shoot, swap, and let it reload itself.

Simple Steps, Big Damage

Here’s the deal: shoot Witherhoard, switch to Recluse, and watch the damage numbers soar. We’re talking about hitting 2.9 million damage quickly. That’s almost as much as the 3.1 million I’ve shot with other setups, and it’s way simpler.

Gjallarhorn Who?

This grenade launcher matches rocket launcher damage without needing any fancy Wolfpack rounds. Imagine a six-man raid where everyone’s using this instead of a Gjallarhorn. You’re looking at some severe firepower without any damage loss.

Izanagi's Burden Father's Sins Rotation (3.1m)
Izanagi’s Burden Father’s Sins Rotation (3.1m)

The Lowdown on the Ultimate God Roll

The Ultimate God Roll and what it’s all about. You’ve got a good role? Great, stick with it. Cascade Point would boost your DPS through the roof, but it won’t up your total damage.

DPS vs. Total Damage

Here’s the scoop: Cascade Point speeds up those initial shots, but what is your total shot count? That stays the same. So, your overall damage? It doesn’t budge.

When DPS Matters

Now, if you’re in a pinch and need high DPS, like taking down the War Priest in King’s Fall without bothering the brand claimer Knights, Cascade Point could be a game-changer.

Good Enough is Great

But honestly, the role you’ve got is solid. It dishes out competitive damage and is a breeze to farm. No more endless trials for the perfect roll. Just play, and you’ll snag it soon enough.

Perfect Pairings & Parting Words

Let’s wrap this up with some quick tips on weapon pairings. Izzy’s great, sure, but don’t sweat it. I rocked the Recluse to trigger Bait and Switch, and the damage was still top-notch.

Mix & Match

You don’t need the fanciest gear to make a splash. Mix it up with what you’ve got, and you’ll still be the MVP of damage dealing.

You’re the real deal if you’ve hung around till the end. Your support is epic! You’ll get cool perks, and I am eternally grateful. Shout out to the current members – you rock! Catch you next time, and until then, keep gaming strong!

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