How I Unlocked the ‘Death to Supes’ Mastery Camo MW3?

How I Unlocked the 'Death to Supes' Mastery Camo MW3?

In the latest update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a brand new Mastery camo has been introduced through the Souped Up Event. 

To unlock this eye-catching camo, players must conquer a series of challenges in the new superhero mode. In this article, we will guide you through the challenges, showcasing the gameplay and revealing the much-anticipated Mastery camo.

How I Unlocked the ‘Death to Supes’ Mastery Camo MW3?

The challenges for unlocking the Mastery camo involve completing tasks in the superhero mode. From getting kills without reloading to utilizing unique abilities granted by the 10v syringes, each challenge brings its own set of thrills and excitement.

1. No Reload Kills:

One of the initial challenges requires players to achieve kills without reloading. The video demonstrates the strategy of accomplishing this feat, emphasizing that even if a player dies, the kill count continues as long as there’s no reload.

2. 10v Syringe Abilities:

The superhero mode introduces various abilities granted by the 10v syringes. These include durability, super speed, super strength, and electric discharge. The video showcases these abilities in action, providing players with a glimpse of the unique features within the mode.

3. Operator Kills in Tack Stance:

Another challenge involves getting 10 operator kills while in tack stance with the KVD Enforcer. The video shows the gameplay and strategy for completing this challenge efficiently.

4. Operator Melee Kills with Black Light Flashlight:

Players are tasked with acquiring 25 operator melee kills while equipped with the black light flashlight. The video reveals the perks associated with the black light flashlight and highlights the gameplay required to meet this challenge.

5. Seven Wins in Superhero Mode:

The final challenge involves winning seven games in the superhero mode. The video stresses the importance of teamwork and collecting 10v syringes to secure victories.

The Mastery Camo: Death to the Soups:

Upon completing the challenges, players unlock the Mastery camo named “Death to the Soups.” The camo features a white base with red accents, incorporating imagery related to the superhero theme. 

However, the article critiques the lack of animation or reactivity in the camo, providing an honest evaluation of its visual appeal.


The Souped Up Event in Modern Warfare 3 introduces an exciting set of challenges for players to unlock the new Mastery camo, “Death to the Soups.” 

Whether you’re a collector or just looking for a unique camo to exhibit in-game, the article provides insights into the challenges and the final rewards. As the limited-time event unfolds, players are motivated to dive into superhero mode and secure their place among the elite camo lovers.

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