How to Unlock Best LEGENDARY Weapon Early In BG3?

How to Unlock Best LEGENDARY Weapon Early In BG3?

We’re diving into the awesome world of Baldur’s Gate 3 to check out a super cool weapon called the Blood of Lathander. This orange weapon packs a punch with some serious extra damage. It’s got a cool trick up its sleeve – a cheat death move and the power to blind enemies.

Join us on a journey to discover why this weapon is a total game-changer and how you can unlock your hands on it.

How to Unlock Best LEGENDARY Weapon Early In BG3?

The Sunbeam Unleashed

The Blood of Lathander is no ordinary weapon; it is a Sunbeam that shines brightly in the arsenal of any party. As we explore its features, we’ll discover why it holds a special place in the hands of healers. But first, let’s establish the significance of this legendary mace.

The Significance of the Blood of Lathander

This legendary mace is renowned for its incredible strength, making it a must-have in your possession. It is particularly potent when wielded by healers, regardless of their class or party composition. The unique characteristics of this weapon make it an invaluable asset, and in this article, we’ll guide you through the process of obtaining it.

Location Guide

To embark on the quest for the Blood of Lathander, you must first exit the Wilderness part of the story and enter the mountain pass area, which is recommended for level-five characters. Once there, your destination is the Rosymorn Monastery on the Northern side. 

A brief journey or a quick cable lift, with a strength check, will get you there. From this point onward, a combination of parkour and combat awaits as you navigate the monastery to reach the second floor.

Puzzle or Peril: The Choice is Yours

Upon entering the large ornate chamber on the second floor, you’ll encounter a puzzle involving altars or pedestals with stones. While it’s technically possible to obtain the weapon through combat without solving the puzzle, we highly recommend taking the puzzle route for a more engaging and strategic experience.

For the puzzle solution, interact with the stained glass panel in the middle area, revealing the need to place specific weapons on pedestals related to Monastery leaders. The weapons required are a rusty mace, a battle ax, and a Warhammer, all found in the monastery area.

For a more detailed path, our map locations guide provides a visual aid, simplifying the scavenger hunt for these weapons. Once obtained, place them in their designated slots in the puzzle room, lighting up the pedestals and revealing a hidden chamber with the Dawn Master’s Crest.


Journey to the Githganky Crash

The quest continues as you descend to the Githganky Crash, a complex area with multiple ways to navigate. Whether you choose diplomacy or combat, your goal is to reach the Northwestern point of this region. Diplomacy may require conversational skills or a pickpocket maneuver to bypass barriers.

In the final room, manipulate statues to represent sunset and sunrise, revealing a hidden chamber. Engage in a Duel of Fate-style barrier gauntlet, destroying crystals strategically to deactivate alarms. This unlocks the path to the main area, where you insert the Dawn Master’s Crest, unveiling the Blood of Lathander legendary mace in all its glory.

Unleashing the Power

Obtaining the Blood of Lathander at an early stage, potentially level 5, grants an extraordinary power boost. The mace inflicts 1d6 bludgeoning damage and an additional 1d4 radiant damage, with a +3 weapon enchantment. Its cheat death mechanic triggers after a prolonged rest, healing you for 2d6 and nearby allies for 1d6.

Furthermore, the mace blinds undead or fiend enemies in proximity, making it a formidable weapon against these foes. As the pinnacle of its prowess, the mace allows the wielder to cast Sunbeam once per prolonged rest—a devastating 6d8 forward beam spell that also inflicts blindness.


In conclusion, the Blood of Lathander is a game-changing legendary mace that deserves a place in the arsenal of any adventurer. Its early acquisition potential, combined with its exceptional properties, makes it a must-have for parties seeking power and versatility. 

As you venture forth in Baldur’s Gate 3, keep an eye out for this legendary weapon—it may be the key to overcoming formidable challenges and emerging victorious.

May your journeys be filled with discovery and triumph, and may the power of the Blood of Lathander guide you to glory! Until next time, fellow adventurers, stay sweet and embrace the challenges that await you in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3.

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