How to Unlock Items Fast in MW3?

How to Unlock Items Fast in MW3?

How to Unlock Items Early in Modern Warfare III! Hey, gamers! We’re diving deep into the new Armory unlock challenge system in Modern Warfare 3. Many of you have been reaching out. I am curious about how this system operates and, of course, want my take on it.

In this post, we’ll examine the technicians, explore what you can unlock, and discuss the pros and cons of this innovative feature. So, let’s jump right in!

The Armory Unlock Challenge System:

The Armory unlock challenge system kicks in at level 25 and introduces a fresh way to obtain class items. Unlike the standard 1 to 55 leveling system in previous Call of Duty titles, these unlocks are separate and require Armory unlock points. 

These points are earned by completing daily challenges, each contributing one point. Completing the initial three daily challenges, a bonus challenge is unlocked, usually tied to winning a match.

Daily Challenges and Progression:

To unlock specific items, players must complete daily challenges. For instance, if the goal is to unlock a particular weapon, daily challenges related to that weapon must be accomplished. Completing five daily challenges unlocks a bonus challenge, which adds an extra layer of progression.

What’s Up for Grabs:

The Armory unlocks encompass a wide range of items, from perks and attachments to killstreaks and equipment. This system essentially diversifies the unlocking process, offering players more control over their progression.

How to Unlock Them:

Players can choose their unlock path by selecting specific items and activating them as their active challenge. The point system varies, with each item requiring a different number of points for unlocking. Players can accumulate points by completing daily challenges and winning matches after the initial three daily challenges.

Calculating the Grind:

A significant concern arises when we crunch the numbers. To unlock every basic class item in the game, excluding high-cost cosmetic challenges, players need a total of 235 Armory to unlock points. With an average win rate of five wins per hour, it would take around 33 hours of gameplay to achieve this feat, assuming all daily challenges are completed for 30 consecutive days.

Pros and Cons:

On the positive side, the Armory unlock system introduces a fresh approach to class item progression, allowing players to select their unlock path. It encourages wins, adding an extra layer of reward for those striving for victory. 

However, some cons emerge, particularly in public matches. Call of Duty’s nature, driven by individual goals and playstyles, makes team wins a challenging incentive. Skill-based matchmaking and team balancing can lead to frustrations for solo players, where wins become heavily dependent on individual performance.

Potential Improvements:

Looking ahead, the system could benefit from additional methods of earning Armory unlocks that don’t rely solely on winning matches. One suggestion is creating tiered daily challenges, offering players various objectives with escalating difficulty. This way, even without consistent wins, players can still progress through challenges and earn unlock points.

The Fastest Way to Farm Progression:

For those eager to expedite their progression, the key lies in efficient farming. Quick game modes like Team Deathmatch (TDM) or Free-for-All offer fast-paced matches, allowing players to complete challenges swiftly. Winning multiple matches in a row can significantly speed up the progression process.

Zombie Mode: Another Arena for Progression:

Zombies mode also provides an avenue for progression farming. Completing daily challenges in Zombies contributes to the overall Armory unlocks. The article highlights some quick contracts, such as eliminating bounties or delivering cargo, as effective ways to farm progression in Zombies rapidly.

Instant Unlock: A Clever Shortcut:

For those seeking an instant shortcut, the article introduces a clever method involving friends and the Xfill feature in Zombies. By having a friend drop desired weapons or equipment, players can instantly unlock them by successfully evacuating with these items in their inventory.

Public Guide

I think the simplest way to make this system better is just to base it on how much XP you get in a match, at least for multiplayer.

I just realized with this; you could get a group of friends to split the armory and drop what you need and what they want and extract with it, basically splitting up the work.


As Modern Warfare 3’s Armory unlock challenge system unfolds, the community remains divided. While some appreciate the fresh approach to class item progression, others feel the cons outweigh the pros. As the game evolves, there’s room for improvement and potential adjustments to make the grind more enjoyable for players of all playstyles. What are your thoughts on the Armory unlock system? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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