How To Unlock Necromancy Of Thay?

How To Unlock Necromancy Of Thay?

Necromancy of Thay is a powerful and dark book you can unlock in Baldur’s Gate 3. We search to unlock the untouchable Necromancy of Thay Tomb in Baldur’s Gate 3. This powerful antique holds the secrets of necromantic arts. You can add this valuable item to your arsenal with the right knowledge and strategy.

How To Unlock Necromancy Of Thay?

Step 1: Blighted Village Exploration

The journey begins in the Blighted Village, where you must locate a specific house just before the Wavestone Point. Inside this house, a wooden hatch hides behind the desk, leading to a secret cellar. Head down and find your way forward.

Step 2: Crate Puzzle and Skeleton Encounter

Navigate through the cellar by moving one of the crates to reveal a hidden lever. Activate the lever, opening a passage to a chamber filled with skeletons. Exercise caution, for touching the coffins triggers the emergence of skeletal foes. Use powerful abilities like channel divinity, or cleric spells to control the situation.

Step 3: Interacting with Zastam

In this dark chamber, you’ll encounter Zastam, a lich. Answer wisely to gain access to the next phase. If asked about Zastam’s nature, describe him as a foul and wretched creature. Respond to the final question with answers like “In my enemy’s suffering” or “To rid me of the worm in my head” to signify your quest for power.

Step 4: Unlocking the Necromancy of Thay

Proceed through a locked door to reach the Necromancy of Thay. Beware of traps; search for a rusted key in a nearby room to unlock the door safely. Once inside, disarm any traps to secure the Necromancy of Thay.

Step 5: The Well and Spider Queen Encounter

Near the house’s exit, investigate a well or toss a coin down, choosing the option that suits your preference. Exploring the well reveals a complex system of platforms and face spiders. Use strategy to defeat these creatures, and be cautious of destroying spiderwebs to manipulate their movements.

Step 6: Face Spider Queen Battle

Engage in a challenging battle against the Face Spider Queen. Destroy eggs strategically to weaken the queen. Consider using Thunderwave to your advantage, potentially knocking enemies into advantageous positions. Be mindful of positioning, and utilize stealth for sneak attacks.

Step 7: Claiming the Necromancy of Thay

Once victorious, descend below to find a glowing purple stone. This stone is crucial for opening the comments section of the book. Click on the book in your inventory and place the stone inside. If you wish to explore different outcomes, share the book with companions during a campfire rest.


What are the consequences of using Necromancy of Thay?

Using Necromancy of Thay is a risky choice that can have both benefits and drawbacks for your character and your companions in Baldur’s Gate 3. Here are some of the possible consequences:

  • You can gain access to powerful spells like Danse Macabre, which summons several undead minions, and Speak with Dead, which lets you communicate with corpses.
  • You can also get a permanent +1 bonus to Wisdom checks and saving throws, which can help you with various situations in the game.
  • However, you will also lose one point of Constitution and Wisdom permanently, unless you use a Remove Curse spell to restore them. This can affect your health, spellcasting, and other abilities.
  • You will also have to deal with the negative effects of reading the book, such as disadvantage on Wisdom checks and saves for a while, or the risk of failing the checks and suffering more harm.
  • Additionally, you will have to face the moral and ethical importance of using dark magic, as some of your companions and other factions may dislike of your choice or even turn against you.
  • – Unlock the Necromancy of Thay to get an excellent spell called Danse Macabre.
  • – With this spell, you can summon four undead buddies to help you in battles.
  • But there’s a catch: Using the spell permanently costs you one point each in Constitution and Wisdom.
  • – Don’t worry; you can fix it with a Remove Curse spell.
  • – Be ready for some drama, though. Messing with dark magic might make some characters and groups not like you as much.
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