How To Unlock Nincada in Pokemon GO and Can it be Shiny?

How To Unlock Nincada in Pokemon GO and Can it be Shiny?

Hello Pokémon Trainers. In thiswe’re diving headfirst into an exciting quest. catching the elusive shiny Nincada. Buckle up, because this adventure is about to get wild!

How To Get Nincada in Pokemon GO and Can it be Shiny?

We’re tackling a quest stack that leads us straight to the shiny Nincada. Trust me, it’s easier than you think! We’ve got some special research tasks lined up, including nailing two excellent throws. Not too shabby, right?

Hunt Begin

No need to time waste. Let’s jump right in. We’ll complete those tasks and see if we are lucky. Remember, patience and persistence are key in the world of Pokémon GO.

The Excitement Builds

With each completed task, the excitement grows. Will we finally encounter that elusive shiny Nincada? Stay tuned – the moment of truth is coming!

Get It Now

After a few tries, victory is ours! Behold, the shiny Nincada! With a Combat Power (CP) of 305, this little gem is now part of our Pokémon collection. Cue the confetti!

Where to find Nincada in pokémon Go 2024?

Raid Battles

  • One-Star Raids: Nincada is currently appearing in One-Star Pokémon GO Raids. So gear up, head out, and battle in raids for a chance to encounter and catch it.

Field Research Tasks

  • Event Rewards: During the Bug Out 2024 event, you can also encounter Nincada as a reward for specific Field Research tasks. Keep an eye out for these tasks during the event!

Shiny Nincada

  • Yes, Shiny Nincada is available! If you’re lucky, you might find one after a raid. And guess what? Shiny Ninjask is also up for grabs!


  • Nincada evolves into Ninjask. To transform, gather 50 Nincada candies and use them on your Nincada.

Shedinja Mystery

  • In the mainline games, Nincada evolves into Ninjask and simultaneously gives you a Shedinja if you have an empty party slot. But in Pokémon GO, it’s different.
  • Sadly, there’s no direct way to evolve Nincada into Shedinja in Pokémon GO. Shedinja is treated as a separate Pokémon.
  • Want a Shedinja? Trade with a friend who already has one!

Wrapping Up

Our quest is complete, my friends. But remember, Pokémon GO isn’t just about the destination – it’s about the journey. Keep exploring, keep hunting, and most importantly, keep having a blast!

Thanks for reading this Pokémon GO adventure. If you want more thrilling how-to guides, polished encounters, and community day events.

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