How To Unlock This Free Camo In MW2?

How To Unlock This Free Camo In MW2?

The recent Season 6 update in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has brought a plethora of new camos to the game, enticing players to embark on exciting challenges to unlock these vibrant additions. 

In this article, we’ll explore the journey of unlocking one of the standout camos, the Neon Peaks, for a popular SMG, the ISO 45 chambered in 9mm.

How To Unlock This Free Camo Fast In MW2?

Leveling Up the ISO 45:

The author begins by showcasing the ISO 45 and expresses excitement about the new camos available for this weapon. The initial focus is on leveling up the SMG, and the author shares their progress as they work towards unlocking different challenges and gaining valuable weapon XP.

Camo Showcasing:

As the author progresses through the levels, they experiment with different camos and share their thoughts on each one. Some camos are deemed “pretty good,” while others are considered “amazing.” The standout camo, Neon Peaks, captures the author’s attention with its vibrant and eye-catching appearance.

Gameplay Commentary:

The article seamlessly integrates gameplay commentary from the video, adding a personal touch to the experience. The author provides insights into their in-game decisions, from loadout choices to strategic moves during matches. The narrative is both informative and entertaining, giving readers a sense of the challenges faced in unlocking these unique camos.

Weapon XP Tokens:

The author introduces the use of double weapon XP tokens to expedite the leveling process. This strategic move adds an element of efficiency to the grind, making it more accessible for players eager to unlock the Neon Peaks camo quickly.

The Camo Grind:

The author delves into the challenges associated with unlocking specific camos, such as the need for point-blank kills and hip-fire kills. The narrative highlights the in-game struggles, showcasing both successes and humorous moments.

Gamer Advantage Sponsorship:

The article includes a sponsored segment promoting Gamer Advantage glasses. The author shares their positive experience with the product, emphasizing the benefits of using these glasses during gaming sessions.

Gold Camo Achievement:

The author successfully achieves the coveted Gold camo for the ISO 45, showcasing the shiny and prestigious appearance of the camo. This achievement marks a significant milestone in the Neon Peaks camo grind.

Scythe and Cyber Plateau:

The article briefly transitions to the use of the Scythe, introducing the Cyber Plateau camo. The author continues the camo grind, demonstrating the versatility of the Neon Peaks camo on different weapons.


The article concludes by emphasizing the value of the Neon Peaks camo and encouraging players to embark on the camo grind journey. The author expresses their anticipation for future videos and the Modern Warfare 3 camo grind. 

Overall, the article provides a comprehensive and engaging overview of the camo-unlocking experience in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 6.

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