How to Unlock Vespiquen in Pokémon GO?

How to Unlock Vespiquen in Pokémon GO?

Vespiquen, the superb bee Pokémon, can be yours in Pokémon GO! Follow these step-by-step guides to add this buzzing beauty to your collection.

How to get Vespiquen in Pokémon GO?

Step 1: Find a Female Combee

  • Vespiquen only evolves from its female counterpart. so keep an eye out for a female Combee.
  • Look for a small triangle on the female Combee’s head. This detail sets her apart from the males.
  • Check your Pokémon list to see if your caught Combee is female (look for the gender symbol next to its name and HP).

Step 2: Collect Combee Candy

  • You’ll need 50 Combee Candy to evolve your female Combee into Vespiquen.
  • Catch more Combees or take walks with your Combee as your companion to earn candy along the way.

Step 3: Evolve into Vespiquen

  • Once you have a female Combee and enough candy, hit that “evolve” button!
  • Watch as your Combee transforms into the glorious Vespiquen.

Bonus: Shiny Vespiquen

  • For collectors and fans, there’s an extra thrill: Shiny Vespiquen!
  • Keep an eye out for the darker, more orange hue compared to the usual bright yellow of a standard Combee.
  • Only female Combees can evolve into Shiny Vespiquen, so it’s a special achievement!

Now go out there, catch those Combees, and let Vespiquen rule your Pokémon team!

What are Vespiquen’s moves?

Vespiquen’s Moveset:

  • Quick MoveBug Bite (12 DPS)
  • Charge MoveBug Buzz (32.4 DPS)
    • This combination provides the highest total DPS and is also the best move set for PVP battles.

Counters for Vespiquen: Vespiquen is a Bug/Flying type Pokémon, making it vulnerable to:

  • Rock moves
  • FlyingFireElectric, and Ice moves

The top 5 Pokémon to use against Vespiquen are:

  1. Rampardos
  2. Tyrantrum
  3. Rhyperior
  4. Terrakion
  5. Gigalith

Remember, knowledge is power! Now go out there and conquer the skies with your Vespiquen!

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