Is Star Wars Outlaws Worth $130? Fans Debate Pre-Order Price and Content

Is Star Wars Outlaws Worth $130? Fans Debate Pre-Order Price and Content

Ubisoft shook things up this week, dropping the trailer for their new game, “Star Wars Outlaws.” Everyone was hyped for this open-world adventure landing in August. 

But instead of cheers, there’s a storm of thumbs-down and tough talk. Let’s jump into what’s got everyone talking about this hot title.

Cash Clash: The Pricey Path to Play

Ubisoft has gamers talking, but maybe not for the right reasons. Their plan for making money off “Star Wars Outlaws” has kicked up some dust. 

Fork over $70 for the basic game, or shell out $110 to play early and snag a season pass with some day-one extras. These day-one deals? They’ve got players side-eyeing, wondering if it’s just a quick cash move.

The gaming world’s buzzing about the price tags on the latest editions. “Star Wars Outlaws” dropped its $130 Ultimate Edition, and everyone is doing a double-take. Why? Because “Baulder’s Gate 3” is throwing down with a deluxe edition that’s only $80, packed with more loot.

Ubisoft’s Plus Plan: A Subscription Sneak Attack?

Ubisoft’s rolling out Ubisoft Plus, their subscription deal, and it’s got gamers squinting. Drop $77.99 a month and get the VIP treatment: early game access, season passes, and more. 

But some players are peeping at the play, wondering if it’s just a slick trick to keep the cash flowing.

Early Bird or Early Hype? The Early Access Debate

Early access is on the table, but is it a treat or just a tease? Getting in three days before everyone else sounds cool, but some ask if it’s just a sly move to exciting the “real” launch day. Nobody wants to miss the starting gun and get left in the dust.

Trailer Talk: The Comment Section Clashes

The trailer’s comment section is on fire with hot takes. Gamers throw shade over secret in-game shops and the main character’s vibe. It’s a no-holds-barred blast of what’s bugging everyone.

Solo Play or Online Only? The Connection Conundrum

“Star Wars Outlaws” says it’s a solo gig, but whispers about needing to be online have some gamers stressed. Sure, you can play alone, but what if Ubisoft pulls the plug on online stuff later?

Character Choices: The Kvest Quandary

And then there’s Kvest, the face of the game. Not everyone’s jazzed about being locked into playing as her. Some folks are itching for more ways to make Kvest their own or pick who they play as.

Despite all the drama around “Star Wars Outlaws,” many players still keep their fingers crossed. Yeah, the game’s price tag and cash-making tactics raised some eyebrows, but the actual game will be worth it.

When it’s all said and done, we’ll see if “Star Wars Outlaws” is a hit or a miss. For now, gamers are all eyes and ears, waiting to see how this saga unfolds.

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