Pokémon GO: 7 Best Ways To Get MORE SHINY

Pokémon GO: 7 Best Ways To Get MORE SHINY

If you’ve ever peeked at fellow trainers’ fancy shiny Pokémon stash in Pokémon GO, you might’ve wondered, “How the heck did they score all those sparkly critters?”

Fear not! I’ve got your back. Here are seven nifty tricks to boost your shiny Pokémon collection in Pokémon GO. And guess what? A sneaky method could land you shiny Pokémon even if you’re not glued to your phone

Tip 1: Shiny Events FTW!

Ever seen fellow trainers flaunting their dazzling shiny Pokémon? Well, during Community Days and other special events, the shiny stars align. These events crank up the shiny spawn rates. Keep an eye out for Hatch DaysResearch Days, and Raid Days—they’re like treasure chests brimming with shinies!

Tip 2: Master Quick Catching

Become a Pokémon-catching ninja! Skip those slow animations and get straight to the action. Quick catching is your secret weapon during high-density spawn events (think Community Days). More catches mean more shinies!

Tip 3: Nest Spawns Unleashed

Nest spawns are your ticket to shiny paradise. Certain Pokémon hang out in specific areas more often. Pay attention to local nest rotations and target those species. It’s like having a shiny radar!

And guess what? There’s a sneaky method that might surprise you with shiny Pokémon even when you’re not actively playing. Keep exploring, trainers! 

Tip 4: Field Research Quests

Field research tasks hold the key! Some of them reward encounters with Perma-boosted Pokémon, which means higher chances of encountering shiny versions. Keep an eye out for those special tasks that boost your odds.

Tip 5: Legendary Raids and Battle League Wins

Legendary Pokémon love to shine! Raid those legendary beasts and climb the ranks in Go Battle League. The more you raid and battle, the better your chances of spotting a dazzling shiny legendary Pokémon.

Tip 6: Adventure Moves Unleashed

Certain moves, like Spatial Rend and Roar of Time, have hidden perks. They expand your wild Pokémon encounter range and pause those pesky timers. Use them wisely during events—you’ll bump into more Pokémon and increase your shiny odds.

Tip 7: Pokémon GO Plus Magic

Got a Pokémon GO Plus? It’s like having a shiny magnet! Let it do the work for you—even when you’re not glued to your screen. Perfect for busy moments or when you’re multitasking. 

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