Star Wars Outlaws Release and Gameplay Revealed

Star Wars Outlaws Release and Gameplay Revealed

In the latest Star Wars Outlaws scoop, Ubisoft Forward is making a comeback this June. Yep, you heard it right—Ubisoft tweeted it!

Now, let’s talk release dates. Word on the galactic street is that Star Wars Outlaws might drop in 2024. And guess what? July or August could be the magic months. 

What’s Cooking at Ubisoft Forward?

Hold onto your lightsabers! At Ubisoft Forward, we’re expecting a galaxy-sized reveal for Star Wars Outlaws. Think gameplay footage that’ll teleport you to places like CantonaTatooine, and Kajimi.

Get ready for an open-world adventure across different planets. It’s like hopping from one-star system to another!

As the hype builds up, fans are buzzing with excitement, and they’ve got their wishlist ready for the game. Here’s what they’re dreaming of:

  1. Lore Dive: Folks want to plunge deeper into the lore—you know, like a Jedi diving into a crystal-clear lake. They crave planetary breakdowns and character class analyses like those cool Lego Star Wars games.
  2. Urban Adventures: Some are itching to explore urban environments. Think bustling cityscapes, neon signs, and hidden alleys. They’re saying, “Take us to the heart of the action!”
  3. Gameplay Magic: Gamers are crossing their fingers for seamless gameplay mechanics. No glitches, no hiccups—just pure gaming bliss.

The countdown to Star Wars Outlaws is on, and the excitement is off the charts! What’s on your wishlist? Spill the space beans in the comments below. And hey, your ideas might shape the game’s destiny!

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