Star Wars Outlaws: Ubisoft Community Manager’s Controversial Statements Spark Backlash

Star Wars Outlaws: Ubisoft Community Manager's Controversial Statements Spark Backlash

“Tales of the Empire”: There’s a fresh Star Wars show on the horizon, and it’s called “Tales of the Empire”. Picture this: familiar faces like General Grievous and Darth Vader popping in (even if it’s just a quick cameo). But here’s the twist—no one’s really hyped about it. Curious, right?

The Blame Game: So, who’s catching flak? Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm. They’ve kinda messed with the Star Wars magic, pushing away die-hard fans. It used to be this big family thing, passed down through generations. But now? Well, it’s like staring into a foggy crystal ball—who knows what’s next?

Star Wars Outlaws Drama: Hold up, there’s more. A fresh game called Star Wars Outlaws is making waves. But the community managerShauna Jones, seems to have a bone to pick with white dudes.

She’s been dropping some not-so-sunny stuff on social media, and it’s not doing the game any favors. And let’s be real—recent Star Wars games haven’t been stellar. Shauna’s not exactly winning hearts here.

Locals Page: Now, if you’re itching for the full scoop, swing by my Locals page. It’s a rad community where you can catch all my content without those pesky push notifications. Peace out, fellow space travelers! 

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